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CCC - Kiawah DistrictDistrict Commissioners
Kiawah District Commissioners

Commissioners are experienced Scouters who lend their expertise to unit leaders in order to help them make their units program the best it can be. Each Commissioner is responisble for up to 3 Scouting units. They provide resources to unit leaders and guidance on a wide range of issues. 



District Commissioner Lewis Moore 843-559-3580
Commissioner Daniel Barton 843-367-1871
Commissioner Ed Davis 843-556-5023
Commissioner Arlene Barton  843-412-4496
Commissioner John Mcknight 843-408-5951
Commissioner James Creech 843-725-8894
Commissioner Larry Elkin 843-817-7313
Commissioner Russell Albright 253-495-7492
Commissioner William Moore 803-240-8958