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Below is a listing of many forms and resources you may want to use to enhance your Scouting program.

You will need Acrobat® Reader to view and print these forms. This free software may be downloaded from Adobe.





Free Cloth Rank Badge Program

Age Appropriate Activities Guide




Advancement Report or Complete Your Report ONLINE by Clicking Here

Unit Money Earning Application

2019 Accident & Sickness Insurance Policy

Accident & Sickness Insurance Claim Form Form

Direct Assistance Form


Motor Vehicle Checklist

Meeting Place Inspection Checklist



Spirit of the Eagle Award - this award is given posthumously to a Scout who lost his/her life in an accident or through illness




Boardsailing BSA

BSA Lifeguard

Den Chief Service Award

50-Miler Award

Firem'n Chit

Historic Trails Award

Interpreter Strip

Kayaking BSA

Leave No Trace

Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Awards

Mile Swim BSA

Paul Bunyan Woodsman

Religious Emblems

Scuba BSA

Snorkeling BSA

Totin' Chip

William T. Hornaday Awards

Boy Scout World Conservation Award Form



Individual Cub Scout Record

Individual Tiger Cub Record

Den Recognition Report

Tiger Cub Den Record

Cub Scout Record Form

Tiger Cub Den Advancement Report

Webelos To Scout Transition

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Cub Scouts

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Adult Leader

Parent Resource Survey

Cub Scout Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide

Tiger Cub Attendance and Dues Report

National Summertime Pack Award

Pack Meeting Planning Sheet

Annual Pack Budget Planning

Meeting Place Inspection Checklist

Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guide

Webelos Scout Overnight Checklist

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

Individual Campout Checklist for Pack Overnighter

Campfire Program Planner

Pack Overnighter Site Approval Form

National Den Award

Religious Emblems

Cub Scout World Conservation Award Form



Venturing Training Award

Advisor's Key

Venturing Leadership Award Recommendation

Quartermaster Award Application

Flying Permit Application [Includes Parent/Guardian Consent Form for BSA Aviation flights]

Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parental Guardian [This form is required for use with flying permits and should be attached to the flying permit application]

Venturing World Conservation Award Form

Venturing Summit Award Application

Venturing Summit Award Service Project Workbook



Silver Beaver Nomination

District Award of Merit Nomination

Veteran's Award

Den Leader Training Award

Scouter's Training Award for Cub Scouting

Scouter's Training Award for Boy Scouting

Unit Leader Award of Merit

Scoutmaster's Key

Cubmaster's Key

Varsity Scout Leader Coach's Key

Scouter's Training Award for Varsity Scouting

Varsity Scout Leader Letter Scorecard

iScouting Vale la Pena! Service Award

Roundtable/Huddle Staff Progress Record for the Scouter's Training Award

Roundtable/Huddle Commissioner Progress Record for the Arrowhead Honor/Commissioner Key

District and Assistant District Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award

Unit Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award

District Committee Key