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 Medical Forms

On-Line Tour Permit

Hazardous Weather Training

Youth Protection Training


Friends of Scouting - Family Campaign

Youth Protection Training   

All adults that interact with scouts must complete Youth Protection Training and should do so as soon as possible.  Committee chairman need to track this in there units and ensure the training is provided.  Training can be provided either on-line or we can provide a training course.  I will be reviewing this with each Committee Chairman to ensure this training has been completed.  It is critical all adults understand the BSA Youth Protection Guidelines. 

  On-Line Youth Protection Training


Friends of Scouting (Family)

All units, I need to know when you are planning your Blue and Gold (Cub Scouting) or Court of Honor (Boy Scouts) so I can come and discuss the Friends of Scouting (FOS) - Family Campaign.   FOS raises money to provide the services your unit needs for a successful program.  I look forward to working with each of you so together we can meet and exceed our goal for 2009.

Service/Eagle Project Available
Georgetown Water Works needs assistance in the placement of Curb Drain Marking project.  The project would be to place the stickers on the drains that warn against dumping anything but water down drain.   For more information, please contact Chris Allen  843-545-3257.

New Annual Medical Forms

In an effort to standardize the medical forms of the various BSA organizations, we are changing from Class 1. 2. and 3 to a single Annual Medical Form.  The annual Medical Form is made up of Part A, B, and C.  I have developed a explanation and best practices sheet that will provide you with the important information please review it and start using the new Annual Medical Forms.

               Annual Medical Forms Explanation (What every unit should know)

               Annual Medical Form  (Part A, B, C)

 New On-Line Tour Permit

You don't need to come to the Council Office or fax in your tout permits, you can now complete them on-line.  Information on driver and cars are saved and reused for each permit making the process faster and more efficient.

               On-Line Tour Permit Explanation

               On-Line Tour Permit


Hazardous Weather Training

What precautions to take and what to do in hazardous weather is now available in the On-Line Training.  New requirements will require that at least one adult on a scout outing has been trained in understanding what to do in Hazardous Weather.  Please be sure that your unit has this training.

                  Explanation of Hazardous Weather Training

                  On-Line Hazardous Weather Training